Life Insurance

Possible Issues You Can Solve with These Life Insurance Programs

Ask yourself these questions!

Do I own a life insurance policy outside of work?

Do I own the right amount of life insurance?  Does my spouse?

Do I own a life insurance policy that is guaranteed to last to age 100?

Do I own a life insurance policy that can provide funds for long-term care expenses? Does my spouse?

Do I need a life insurance policy to cover final expenses, such; as burial expenses, debt, etc.? Does my spouse?

If you are married, please review the “Married Life Insurance Strategy” when consider purchasing TransElite Universal Life Insurance.  Click here.

Take a look at the diagram below.  The large blue section represents your obligation bell curve.  During this time in your life, you need to structure your life insurance needs to cover obligations now and looking forward.  Typically this is covered by inexpensive term insurance for periods of 10, 15, and 20 years.  Where are you in this diagram?  

The red section is showing the foundation of the life insurance portfolio.  This is called permanent insurance.  Whether or not you are interested in protecting your lifestyle in the special long term care expense funding rider, their should be some sort of plan for final expenses.

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Please note, if you are member and wish to apply for life insurance amounts over the guaranteed issue amount for you and/or your spouse, paper applications must be used.

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