How Do I Enroll For Insurance?

You may enroll for your benefits when you first become eligible (as defined by ACT) or during one of your union’s annual open enrollment periods, by completing an enrollment form and returning it to your benefits enroller.

Who Is Eligible For Insurance?

All actively-at-work employees working a minimum number of hours per week are eligible. Dependent child coverage is available.

Dependent children up to age 26

Can I Sign Up For Insurance At Any Time?

No. If you do not enroll during your eligibility period, you cannot enroll until your employer’s next annual benefit enrollment period. You may add dependent coverage when you enroll, during an annual enrollment period, or within 31 days of the date a dependent becomes eligible for insurance.

When Does Insurance Begin?

Insurance will be effective on the first of the month following approval of your enrollment form and receipt of your first premium, provided you are actively at work at that time. “Actively At Work” means that you are performing in the usual manner all of the regular duties of your employment on a scheduled work day and these duties are being done at one of the places of business where you normally do such duties or at some location to which your employment sends you.

Insurance is not effective on the date of your application. The effective date for your eligible dependents will be the same as yours (unless dependent coverage is added at a later time). However, if any dependent is totally disabled on his or her effective date, the coverage of that dependent will be deferred until the dependent ceases to be disabled. A dependent is totally disabled if unable to perform a majority of the normal activities of a person of like age in good health.

When Will My Insurance End?

For you, insurance will end when you no longer qualify as an eligible insured, or when your premium payments are discontinued, whichever occurs first. Cancellation request must be provided to the ACT Benefit Center. The earliest cancellation date will be the first of the month following receipt of written request. Insurance on a dependent ends on the earlier of the date that he or she no longer meets the definition of a dependent, premium payments are discontinued or the date that your insurance terminates. Insurance for you and your dependents will end when the employer’s coverage under the group master policy terminates.

Are There Any Pre-Existing Limitations?

The short term disability income insurance policy does have a 12-month pre-existing condition exclusion. Please see full benefit outline for additional information.

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